Finding How To Live Truly

You Can Find Everything Within Your Mind

About Us

Penang Meditation uses a unique and simple method which started in South Korea.

This type of meditation is sensational all over the world.

Our meditation method has seven steps.

It is very easy to follow.

So you feel a big change even after few weeks and realize your true nature within few months.

Stop Suppressing, Start Discarding

Penang Meditation has the method to subtract your mind after looking back, so this meditation can bring about real changes. 

Through this meditation you can look back on your mind and throw away the mind that makes you unable to live as you want. 

So you can actually change your life into the life that you want.

The most effective way

Discarding your mind!

Meditation Programs

Our online meditation consists of the free consultation session for beginners, the one-on-one and the group sessions for members.

You will go through all these sessions according to the stages of your meditation.

Free Consultation

Through one on one meeting with our meditation guide, you will find out the overall process of this meditation and how it can help you to achieve your goal.

1:1 Meditation Session

Once you join, you will start with one-on-one sessions until you get used to the method and will continue to get the personalized guide by booking.

Regular Group Session

Daily group sessions are held for all members on a regular schedule. After getting familiar to the method, you will deepen your meditation in group sessions.

We are conducting ONLINE only

Thoroughly guided live on ZOOM, you can join through your mobile or laptop regardless of your location.


When you learn and study the way to achieve the Truth, you can go to the existent world of Truth which exists within yourself, you will get an idea of how simple and easy it is to solve all your issues, and you will find that you can achieve everything you want to achieve.

Daily Life Meditation

Penang Meditation offers a warm, welcoming and comfortable environment. All 7 levels of meditation are personally and professionally guided to cater to your unique needs. Our center is generally open 7 days a week and offer sessions throughout the day.

Meditation is self-reflection. 

You can look back on yourself, know your true self and find the power to develop your life within you. 

Learn how to meditate with our unique method in online.

Not only can you find true happiness, peace and freedom but also you can achieve human completion.

The ultimate goal of meditation

If you completely discard all your false human minds, you will be able to find Truth within you, which is the Universe.

Penang Meditation

Address: Block B, Lintang Gangsa, Greenlane Heights, Penang

Phone: +601127361371