Is It Possible to Always Be Happy?

Short answer – yes! 😊 

Once we recover our original true mind which is the existence of happiness itself, we are always happy regardless of the situation.

The reason we’re not happy

The main reason we’re not happy is that our expectations and ideals often do not match reality and things do not go in the way that we want/expect. 

From here, it is important to know where our expectations come from in the first place.

Humans take pictures of everything in the world and store these pictures within one’s own mind. From these pictures, we created our own mind world, and live inside this false copied world, instead of actually living in the world.

It is from this false mind world of pictures where tens of thousands of thoughts come from, which form our expectations and ideals that don’t match reality. This mind world of pictures makes it difficult for us to accept all situations without any wants or expectations, thus causing unhappiness within. 

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How to always be happy?

Everything in the human mind is false and illusionary as it does not actually exist in the world. For example, no matter how much we think about money in our minds, we will never be able to use the money in our minds to buy something in real life.

Knowing we’re living in our own illusionary mind world of pictures is the first step.

Next is to find a place that teaches us how to discard our false pictures until our original true mind, which is the mind of Truth, remains.

The mind of Truth has absolutely nothing.

As it has absolutely nothing, it doesn’t have any wants or expectations.

It doesn’t chase happiness too.

It can accept all situations and conditions and is thus the existence of happiness itself.

The way to always be happy is to become the mind of Truth which is happiness itself. 😊

Becoming Truth is now possible because the method now exists.

To learn more, please check out this video:

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