In the human mind, there are the life lived, the habits which are inherited from one’s ancestors, and the body.

These make up the human mind.

People live inside their own mind worlds, which overlap the world.

They are not the true world, but worlds of illusions that they have made.

That is why people live in false worlds, do false things and when they die, they just end up completely dying.

This is why humans are incomplete.

A person’s mind is one’s own fixed conceptions, habits and customs that only he himself possesses.

When you discard these, Truth is within you, and the land of Truth is within you.

What Is Different?

This meditation has an unique and simple method of changing the human false mind to the true universe mind by discarding it accurately and completely.

Accordingly, the remarkable uniqueness is as follows.


As it is the method from Truth to take us Truth, it proceeds simply in common sense.


As it is the process to find the true mind that actually exists within you by cleansing the false mind, you can clearly enlighten Truth as much as you cleanse.


Enlightenment and completion, which have only been read and heard from books, are actually achieved through this method practically.


The method is systematically constructed so that anyone can reach Truth step by step throughout the process.


As this method is to find Truth which exists within, it equally works for anyone regardless of cultural backgrounds, religions, ages, genders, educations, etc.


As all enlightenment and results come from Truth revealed by eliminating the false mind, it is not temporary but eternal.

We Guide How To


You will learn what is the human false mind you need to discard while recalling and reflecting.


You will learn how to actually cleanse your mind through our systematic 7-step method.


While cleansing your mind one by one, you will get the enlightenment of each level.

7 Levels of Meditation

How to cleanse the mind

Learn this meditation to go to the existent world of Truth and live always happy.

When you discard your mind that is false and become the true mind, you can live truly happily and achieve what you want.

The reason why humans have unresolved questions and doubts is because of the false mind but the true mind does not have any pain, burdens and stress.

When your mind changes to the true mind, you can achieve everything.

You can become complete and live eternally.

You can come to know all the principles of the world.

However, this will take time and you need patience.

If you are determined to change your mind to change your life, you can do it with a bit of patience.

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