Anyone Can Do This Meditation.

It is truly the time for everyone to find Truth within and become complete.

Enjoy various stories from our members who have experienced this method of discarding mind and join this amazing flow of nature!

Penang Meditation provides a guide for you to find Truth within and go to the land of Truth within while living.

Sky Lim

Meditation Helper

Before Meditation, I had many angers so when I got mad at someone, I felt better.

But if the opponent was very strong, I couldn’t vent my anger to him so I put it inside me.

Then that anger burned me and it made me in difficulty.

And I had too many thoughts.

Actually, I didn’t think that my brain was bad.

But because of many thoughts, it was quite difficult to study.

And I was led by my body and lived as a slave to my body.

However, after practicing Meditation, the anger completely disappeared.

That’s why, I was always comfortable, and I had been able to listen, understand, and accept others when I had a conversation with people.

And too many thoughts were also gone so while studying or working, I just could study without interruption and I was able to work.

I saw myself grow a lot efficiently.

And above all, after meditating, what was even better is that I could beat myself and find the Truth that was more valuable than anything else.

It was the most worthwhile thing.

Susan Lim


I have been to a few meditation centers before I joined this meditation center.

Strangely nobody approached or talked to me.

Also the timing was not suitable for me as it clashed with my working hours at that time so I didn’t really pursue meditation then. 

Then, suddenly came COVID-19 and gradually work came to a standstill.

I lost my job.

When I was still working, I was always filled with stress, anxiety, anger and shouldered with lots of responsibility.

Then, worries added on top of that when I lost my job.

I felt helpless as I could not do anything due to Malaysia’s lockdown.

But I was and am grateful to have found this online meditation.

I’m very grateful and thankful to the meditation guides for their dedicated effort, teaching me the method and different levels of meditation without fail, twice a day, every day.

The methods are amazing.

Meditation helps me to clear my head and feel relaxed.

Stress and anxiety gradually decreased.

I look forward to my meditation sessions everyday.

Thank you everyone for all the compassion, inspiration, valued care, positive emotions and love.

I enjoy life now as this method of meditation has changed me.

I am now happier with a more positive mind.

I’m also so happy to be around positive and valued friends. 🙏🙏🙏

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